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071904 - 031407

it's been fun, but it's time we part ways, ikidomari.

starting a new journal soon, one i will more than likely update much more often than this anyhow. if you're interested in being added, you all know how to get a hold of me.

don't try to act surprised

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)

Today offers a bit of relief from the excess noise that has probably polluted your life. You should still pay attention to people's motives, but you don't need to get involved in every conversation you hear. Hidden agendas may be motivating others, but now the intensity begins to wane and you get to reclaim your life.

there are days where the seeming close-to-home accuracy of my emailed daily horoscopes freaks me out a bit...

god i hope i can sleep this off. although, i kind of doubt it. so before i try, i have a very important note i'd like to leave.

*ahem* ...

dear my life,

thanks so much for being predictably unpredictable in a horrible way. you are such a jerk.

yours miserably ♥
almost a month since my last update. i can't really decide if i've outgrown livejournal somehow, or if i just feel detached from this specific journal? i'm willing to bet it's the latter. all the same... i suppose it's time i actually do as intended, and give my not-so-thrilling news.

my life is all about working anymore. if i'm not at work, i'm sleeping or trying to forget the things that make me unhappy by getting absorbed in things i enjoy. this is usual behavior for me. sooo. this means i spend a lot of time playing WoW since the new expansion came out, playing my wii, and actually being social nearly once a week. maybe more if i'm crazy! >.>

i've made pretty good friends with a co-worker of mine. her name is TJ. she's technically one of my managers, but she never works anything other than graveyard shifts these days. it's cool to have someone nearby to hang out with. she'll come over at 1 in the morning and we'll play video games and laugh about the silly kids from work.

then of course, chris and i still manage to hang out about once a week. tomorrow night he's coming over, and then tuesday i believe we're heading up to disneyland. it's good. :3 except it will be dreadfully cold i imagine, if we go.

i have a cold. it was bound to happen, what with all my dealing with the public nowadays. blah.

current addictions of mine include the new l word episodes, blood elves, and kyoshiro to towa no sora. ♥ reincarnate chikane/himeko ftw!

maybe you would hear me

so i'm a day early, but you told me to make you somethin! :3

and i am still inside you

i was bored. n_n

and now i'm sleepy. night everyone!

it's beginning to hurt

i've gotten too good at letting everyone down. i'm so sorry.

it's my first time for this type of thing

my long time friend janine came over for the first time in several months. she had her baby girl, riley, with her. it's so insane. her baby is very cute, and has a sweet disposition. i held her, and fed her her bottle. it was the first time i'd ever fed a baby. it gives me mixed feelings. i don't know if i'd ever be able to handle that. i just can't imagine it very well. anyway, we ate at ruby's for dinner and had starbucks earlier. it makes me realize how much i miss her. she was my best friend for so long, it's weird that we don't hang out like we used to at one time... but that's life. always changing.

earlier in the day, my parents and i got into a big argument. it made me far beyond angry. i wish i could move out. i wish i was even close to being able to do that. even that would make me feel better, but it's an impossible dream for me at this time.

everything feels very different right now. i can't tell if it's my imaginition or the beginning of something i'm not sensing. whatever iti is, i'm not sure if i like it. i just know it makes me feel like crying.

to the madness i do confess

thanks anyway everyone. i, unfortunately, suck.

strike three, and i'm out. i need to start over.

i cannot possibly express the full extent of my disappointment.

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